September 2014, Susan Fisher, Daniel Fikreyesus, Nazria Islam, Misgana Kallore,Nanki Kaur,Md Shamsuddoha, Erin Nash, Neha Rai, Lidya Tesfaye, and John Rwirahira.

Some countries are moving towards low-carbon resilient development (LCRD) policies. Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Rwanda were ‘early adopters’ of LCRD aiming to integrate the policies into their national planning. The underlying values, discourses, knowledge, and politics behind climate-resilient planning decisions are explored by undertaking a political economy analytical approach. In this context, the working paper explores the experience of LCRD planning in each country using stakeholder interviews, analysis of policy documents and surveys to understand how this agenda is emerging in practice, and what ideas and discourses are shaping the policy development.

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