Center for Participatory Research and Development–CPRD is an independent, non-profit, and progressive policy, research, and implementation institute. CPRD aims to promote alternative development ideas and policies at local, national, regional and global levels through its interactive activities like research, innovation, advocacy, solidarity and action. CPRD also engages itself in campaigning on social development issues and tailoring capacity building programs through identifying capacity gaps, organizing training for different development stakeholders. Apart from the core activities of socio-economic development of the disadvantaged population, policy research, policy literacy, policy advocacy, campaign and mobilization etc also are the focus areas of CPRD’s work.

CPRD, since its inception, has been working with a number of research organizations and academic institutions in-country and abroad to support the survival strategies of the marginalized community people who are at-risk of climate change vulnerabilities and disaster extreme events. Besides implementing community-based and participatory action researches, CPRD also regularly produces policy briefs, study reports and analyses on the key issues of the country’s interest in relation to multilateral discussions and negotiations.