Bangladeshi CSOs campaign during global climate strike.

In solidarity with the Global Climate Strike held on 20-27 September, several rights-based organizations namely Center for Participatory Research and Development – CPRD, COAST Trust, Coastal Development Partnership (CDP), Network on Climate Change – Bangladesh (NCC-B) and Shariatpur Development Society (SDS) organized a human chain in front of the National Press Club, Dhaka on 20 September, 2019. The speakers from the human chain urged the world leaders to undertake immediate actions to combat global warming. Md. Shamsuddoha of CPRD, Badrul Alam of Bangladesh Krishak Federation, Pradip Kumar Roy of Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood (CSRL), Mustafa Kamal Akanda of Coast Trust and Atikul Islam Tipu of Coastal Development Partnership (CDP) shared their opinion in the event.

Md. Shamsuddoha said that the rise of atmospheric carbon concentration- so as the Earth’s average temperature- is just alarming. The Earth has already experienced a rise in temperature by 1.1 degrees C from the pre-industrial level and we are heading towards the ‘complete collapse’ of the Earth’s Systems as scientists predict that there will be a rise in the global average temperature by 4 to 5 degree Centigrade if we fail to initiate deep emission cut from now. He added that the countries that are historically responsible for global warming should act now for emission reduction and also should provide adequate finances to save the communities and countries that are exposed to the climate-induced risks and vulnerabilities. He demanded climate justice from the countries responsible for climate change.

Badrul Alam stated that it has been four years since the Paris Agreement is agreed upon by the countries but no strong political initiative has been taken to date to tackle the impacts of climate change. Ironically, U.S. President Donald Trump announced to pull the country out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Pradip Kumar Roy of CSRL mentioned that if global leaders don’t act right now to stop fossil fuel-based industrialization, the global average temperature will cross the border mark of 1.50C and might rise up to 3-40C by the end of 2100.

Atikul Islam Tipu said that global leaders must act above their national interests and come to a consensus to protect the world. He urged the countries responsible for carbon emissions to accept the liability and undertake immediate measures for emission reduction.

The speakers demanded to keep the temperature below 1.50C above the pre-industrial level to save planet Earth from the unavoidable and irreversible adversities of climate change.