Political Economy of COVID-19 and Climate Change Response

Political Economy of COVID-19 and Climate Change Response:Differently Indifferent Policy Narratives and Actions COVID-19, the ongoing pandemic has not been simply a health issue and a concern of ensuring health care facilities, rather it involves systematic enforcement of multi-dimensional socio-economic imperatives required to prevent spreading of the highly contagious pathogen (SARS-CoV-2 virus). Pragmatically, battling COVID-19 […]

Transferring Climate-Induced Disaster Risks Policy, Practices and Readiness of Bangladesh

Climate change bangladesh

November 2018, Muhammad Mizanur Rahman Md. Shamsuddoha S. M. Saify Iqbal & Ms. Alokananda Datta The study report summarizes nearly three decades of UNFCCC negotiation on L&D, analyzes insurance and other risk transfer mechanisms, provides an overview on the disaster risk financing and risk transfer practices of Bangladesh, and finally summarizes the study findings on the […]

Climate-Induced Displacement and Migration: Policy Gaps and Policy Alternative

November 2015, Md. Shamsuddhoha The causes and consequences of climate-induced displacement and migration involve complex and multidimensional aspects; firstly, climate change-induced disasters and their long-term residual impacts acts both as visible and invisible drivers of migration; secondly, variation in climate factors has a direct influence on conflicts that again force people to flee away from the […]

Green Climate Fund-Access Modalities and Readiness of Bangladesh

February 2015, Md. Shamsuddhoha & Muhammed Atikul Haque The Green Climate Fund is the UNFCCC financial mechanism established at COP16 promoting paradigm shift towards low-emission and climate-resilient development pathways in relation to sustainable development. It aims to provide an uncomplicated, improved, and direct access to climate finance.  Given the scope of the GCF, the briefing paper analyses […]

Loss and Damage negotiation at the UNFCCC- An Era of Liability and Compensation

November 2013, Md. Shamsuddhoha & Mizanur Ranman Bijoy Loss and damage associated with the adverse impacts of climate change is a global reality especially for countries exposed to unprecedented weather events. The losses are at both human and economic levels. Unfortunately, while the developing countries are arguing to include ‘compensation’, the developed nations are denying to […]

Local Perspective on Loss and Damage in the Context of Extreme Events: Insights from Cyclone-affected Communities in Coastal Bangladesh

June 2013, M. Shamsuddhoha, Erin Roberts, Anna Hasemann & Stephen Roddick This study focuses to create a linkage between disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and assess the national and institutional blockages of integrating them in the context of loss and damages. It explores the existing DRR and CCA related policies, strategies and approaches in […]