Meeting with Bishop Mr Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, Head of the Churches in Germany

Md Shamsuddoha, Chief Executive of CPRD took part in discussion with Bishop Mr Heinrich Bedford-Strohm at the Talanoa Space of Blue Zone. Dr Heinrich Bedford-Strohm who used to teach theology and social ethics at Heidelberg, is the current chairman of the EKD, a German umbrella organization of Protestant, Lutheran and reformist churches.

Md Shamsuddoha briefly described the climate the vulnerabilities of the people and communities living in the climate hotspots. He also underscored the urgency of addressing climate-induced ‘loss and damages’ and ‘displacement and migration’ as the people in many climate vulnerable countries are already under undue burden of both economic and non-economic losses.

Signifying the rights and justice based political solution for the present climate crisis, Md Shamsuddoha requests Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm to call on European Country delegation to COP 23 to put loss and damage high on the agenda item. He also hailed Mr Heinrich Bedford-Strohm for his earlier effort of calling European countries to do more to help refugees trying to reach the Continent, mainly from Africa, and also for urging swifter action to combat climate change

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