CPRD, in association with the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) of the Government of Bangladesh, organized a national level workshop to develop country position and roadmap on the issues related to ‘Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas’ to be held in Bhutan later this year.

Mr. Monwarul Islam, ndc, Director General, Department of Environment, was the Chief Guest and Dr Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Chairman PKSF presided over the workshop.

The consultative meeting aimed at getting the perceptions of the participants on the key issues related to climate change adaptation with regard to water, food and livelihood, energy, and biodiversity in the Eastern Himalayas which should be addressed by the roadmap and in defining roles and responsibilities at regional and local/country level.

Under the leadership of The Royal Government of Bhutan countries lying in the southern slopes of the Himalayas e.g. Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan, as well as representatives of the civil societies and academia from this region aimed to commonly develop and agree on a roadmap for adapting to climate change in the southern slope of the Eastern Himalayas, which is to be ratified at the Bhutan Climate Change Summit for a Living Himalayas in October 2011. The following key areas of proposed actions will be addressed by this roadmap.

  • Securing the natural freshwater systems of the Himalayas;
  • Ensuring food security and securing livelihoods;
  • Ensuring energy security and enhancing alternate technologies; and
  • Securing biodiversity and ensuring its sustainable use


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