Programme Focus

The program focus of CPRD prioritized through a consultative process of discussion with the active participation of the executive committee members. Considering organizational goal and objectives, the EC members agreed on 5 thematic areas to work on priority basis, these are;

Economic Development: Research and policy analysis on micro- entrepreneurship development, financing to the rural as well as urban enterprises, development of social commerce, gender mainstreaming in the economic activities and entitlements

Social Development: Women and minority rights, social security, emphasizing equality and social justice and providing analysis in support of trade unions, social      movements and public and private sector organizations.

Natural Resources Conservation: Conservation and management of aquatic and terrestrial eco-system, in-situ conservation of biological resources, management of eco-system services

Sustainable Livelihoods: Development of alternative livelihoods options for the resource scare and marginalized population, value and supply chain analysis of agricultural products 

Disaster and Climate Change Resilience Development: Research and innovation for climate change adaptation and mitigation, community based adaptation, disaster risk reduction, policy advocacy and campaign for global climate governance

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