Policy Units

Economic Policy Unit

The Economic Policy Unit would provide research and analysis to enable advocacy and campaigns in the field of economic policy for social justice. The aim of establishing this policy unit is to examine public policies and development intervention strategies by exposing its underlying paradigms and the impacts on the people, and to explore alternative approaches to public policy questions. This Unit will consider the processes and policies that potentially influence national and regional development in the context of an increasingly global economy. Research considerations include the roles of institutions, government policies, market structures, distributional issues, international trade and finance, and economic geography in explaining development and welfare.

Social Policy Unit

The Social Policy Unit will conduct research and fosters discussion on all aspects of social policy. The aim of this policy unit is to reflect the experiences and views of the rights holders on policy interventions, and to communicate research findings with stakeholders in thinking through their implications with a view to bringing about change. The main topics of inquiry are: education, health, women and children.

Climate Change and DRR Unit

The work of the Unit relating to emergencies including policy research on climate change and extreme events, humanitarian accountability, adaptation strategies, and disaster risk reduction which covers a full range of activities including, advocacy, prevention, preparedness, direct response and rehabilitation in situations created by both natural ( physical and hydro-metrological) and man-made disasters. 

Resources Conservation Unit

The Unit forms a focused, interdisciplinary programme of research and advocacy to integrate rigorous natural and social sciences with policy, education and socially responsible conservation action.

Networking and Capacity Building of NGOs/CSOs

This unit engages in training need assessment and providing need based training on organizational development, programme/project review, evaluation etc. particularly on good governance and advocacy, rights based approach, IGAs, disaster risk reduction activities and so on.

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