TNA Inception Workshop

altCenter for Participatory Research and Development CPRD, in association with the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) of the Government of Bangladesh, and with the assistance from UNEP, has been implementing ‘Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation’ in Bangladesh with an aim to identify, evaluate (feasibility of) and prioritize technological means for mitigation and adaptation in order to achieve sustainable development goal.

To involve wider stakeholders to this TNA process, CPRD organized an inception workshop where Honorable Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests Mr. Mesbah Ul Alam was the Chief Guest and Dr Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Chairman PKSF presided   over the workshop. Link: Project Summary, Inception Workshop Report and Media Coverage

Technology needs assessment in local context essential to address climate change

Experts for assessment on local tech to fight climate change


Recent Publication

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Ongoing Research

‘Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) for Adaptation and Mitigation in Bangladesh’ with UNEP and Ministry of Environment and Forests of Government of Bangladesh

Study on the causes and consequences of human displacement and migration from the climate hot-spots with ActionAid Bangladesh

Action research project ‘Views from the Frontline’ to measure progress towards implementation of the HFA with supported by the Global Network (GN).