Community based adaptive learning in management of conflicts and natural resources

CPRD has participated a workshop titled “Community based adaptive learning in management of conflicts and natural resources” which was held on 13 December 2017 at Flambe, Gulshan2, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The event was hosted by Community based Adaptive Learning in the management of Conflicts and Natural Resources, or CALCNR project. It focused on planning, implementation and influencing natural resource management to ensure greater sensitivity to conflict and understanding of how to improve cooperation in the face of climate change. As research result sharing event the researchers from Bangladesh and Nepal shared their findings through power point presentation, video display as well as poster and photographic display. The key findings of the study were Sources of Conflict, Approaches to transforming conflict, Policy implications on natural resources (water and forestry) use and management in both country aspects. Finally the participants shared their learning from the event and gave their feedback both orally and written about the workshop. The workshop ended followed by Lunch.

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