The Plight of Climate Migrants in Urban Settings: Experiences of Dhaka city

Background There is no chance of any debate about the existence of climate change. It is happening right now. The world’s  scientific community has already acknowledged the gravity of climate change impacts that the humanity is facing now, and to be faced in near future if global political leadership fail to contain temperature rise well below […]

Climate Risk Transfer by Insurance Mechanism: a snapshot on the barriers and opportunities of introducing crop insurance in Bangladesh.

Loss and damage associated with the adverse impacts of climate change is not an apprehension for the future, it has become a reality for the countries that are exposed to unprecedented extreme weather and climatic events triggered by changing climate. According to the IPCC, the economic losses from weather and climate related disasters have increased significantly, estimated from a few […]

Troubled Journey towards Climate Justice: Concerns and views for tackling climate injustice in loss and damage negotiation

Loss and damage associated with the adverse impacts of climate change has now become one of the key issues of discussion both in academic and policy arena. Since 1991, despite repeated argument of the developing countries to address ‘loss and damage’, primarily as the means of providing compensation, this entered to the   NFCCC process only in 2010 with a decision […]