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Center for Participatory Research and Development-CPRD is an independent, non-profit, and progressive policy, research, and implementation institute. CPRD envisions promoting people-centered sustainable development by innovation, application and advancement of appropriate scientific, technical and local knowledge through research, developing models, demonstration and implementation.


In January 2006 a group of young professionals met to discuss to find the strategies to support survival strategies of the marginalized people living at the forefront of the climate change risk and associated extreme weather events. The outcome of the meeting is the formation of a dedicated institution, CPRD, which would implement participatory action research, development policy research and advocacy on, interalia, climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, development of alternative livelihoods and mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in the development policies.

Legal Status

CPRD is registered as a research institution under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies. (Registration No. S 7023(211)/07 dated 05 September 2007)


Facilitate people’s initiatives and exploring paths of social and economic transformation towards a Just, Participatory and Sustainable society.


CPRD envisions promoting people-centered sustainable development by innovating, applying and advancing appropriate scientific, technical and local knowledge through research, by developing models, demonstration, policy advocacy and project implementation.


To achieve the goal, CPRD equally gives importance to appropriate technology innovation and transfer, environmental justice for sustainable development, social justice for women and minority rights, public-private partnership and, north south dialogue for harmonizing growth and trade justice. In all aspect CPRD will develop effective communication tools for reducing rural-urban, north-south technology and knowledge gap, and will facilitate poor people’s access to resources and contemporary knowledge and skills.


Recent Publication

Socioeconomic consequences of climate induced human displacement and migration in Bangladesh. Details...

Climate-Induced Displacement and Migration: Policy Gaps and Policy Alternative. Details...

Green Climate Fund: Access Modalities and Readiness of Bangladesh. Details ...

Loss and Damage Negotiation at the UNFCCC: An Era of Liability and Compensation (Briefing Paper, November 2013). Details ...

Coastal Fishers’ Livelihood in Peril: Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and Tropical Cyclones in Bangladesh. Details ...

Ongoing Research

‘Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) for Adaptation and Mitigation in Bangladesh’ with UNEP and Ministry of Environment and Forests of Government of Bangladesh

Study on the causes and consequences of human displacement and migration from the climate hot-spots with ActionAid Bangladesh

Action research project ‘Views from the Frontline’ to measure progress towards implementation of the HFA with supported by the Global Network (GN).