Md Shamsuddoha

Chief Executive

Md Shamsuddoha is the Chief Executive of Center for Participatory Research and Development –CPRD (, a research-based non-government organization in Bangladesh. He is a member of the delegation of the government of Bangladesh to the UNFCCC climate change negotiation and has been consistent in the following negotiation especially on loss and damage, finance, adaptation, and technology transfer. Md Shamsuddoha has involved the implementation of a number of projects with different academic institutions in the country and abroad, especially on climate change, disaster risk reduction and coastal and marine resources conservation etc. He wrote and co-authored numbers of articles on core climate change politics and diplomacy, displacement and migration etc; also has been acting as an external reviewer of a few journals on climate policies.

Muhammad Mizanur Rahman

Research Associate

Muhammad Mizanur Rahman is a Development Activist and Researcher. Currently, he serves for Center for Participatory Research and Development-CPRD as a Research Associate. Prior to this, He worked for International Union for Conservation of Nature-IUCN as Site Manager, Field Coordinator and Programme Assistant in Status Survey and Development of Elephant Action Plan of Bangladesh”“Mangroves for the Future initiative" and “National Framework for Establishing and Managing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Bangladesh projects of IUCN, Bangladesh, respectively. Furthermore, Mr. Rahmanworked with several other projects related to resilience, climate Change impact mitigation of coastal community. Mr. Rahman earned a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Marine Science from the University of Chittagong. His Field of interest: Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Conservation, Marine Protected Area, Climate Change Resilience, Ecosystem-Based Adaptation, Blue Economy as well as Climate change risk transfer

S. M. Saify Iqbal

Research Assistant

Saify Iqbal works at Centre for Participatory Research and Development (CPRD) as a Research Assistant in a project titled “Advocacy to enhance Climate Justice in the LDC’s, particularly in Bangladesh, under the WARSHAW International Mechanism (WIM) on loss and damage”. Before joining this organization, he worked at Department of Architecture, BRAC University as "Researcher: Built Environment and GIS". Previously, he worked at ICDDRB as a Senior Research Assistant (GIS). His project was about mapping urban health facilities in major urban centers. Saify also worked as a research assistant at CCDB (Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh) and CCJB (Centre for Climate Justice-Bangladesh). Saify Iqbal completed his MSc and BSc from the University of Dhaka in Geography and Environment. His area of interest includes climate change & development, urban environmental management, and wetland management in Bangladesh

Alokananda Datta

Research Assistant

Alokananda Datta, currently working as a research assistant in CPRD, joined the team under the project titled “Advocacy to enhance Climate Justice in the LDC’s, particularly in Bangladesh, under the WARSHAW International Mechanism (WIM) on loss and damage”. She is responsible for carrying out the part ‘Study on the socio-economic vulnerabilities of climate migrants living in the urban slums or trapped and exposed to increased risks’. Miss Datta worked at Institute for Employment Research (IAB) in Nuremberg, Germany as a guest researcher. Alokananda did her BSS and MSS in Sociology from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. She completed her second Master’s degree as an Erasmus Mundus scholarship award winner in Comparative Local Development. As part of this program, she had the opportunity to live in Hungary, Germany, and Italy. She is focused on putting her passions and skills to good use by supporting organizations and projects that she really cares about. When she is not working, she loves to spend time with her friends and family, travel, watching movies, and listening to good music.

Jannatul Ferdouse

Junior Research Assistant

Jannatul Ferdouse joined CPRD in March 2017 as a Junior Research Assistant in the project entitled, “Energy on the Move: longitudinal perspectives on energy transitions among marginal populations (a comparative study)”. She has done both of her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Anthropology at the University of Dhaka. Jannatul Ferdouse has a great passion in researches from anthropological perspectives. Her Master’s thesis, entitled “Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts: A Study on the Livelihood of Fishing Dependent People of Chandpur”, is on the human-environment interactions. Prior joining to CPRD, she has worked in a research project, on the educational scoping of retail management in Bangladesh, funded by The Aga Khan Foundation. Her areas of research interest are: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation, Human and Climate Induced Disasters, Human- Environment Interactions, Environmental Changes, Sustainability and Natural Disasters, Socio-economic Vulnerability and Community Based Preparedness, Indigenous Knowledge and Political Ecology etc.

Ms. Tinni Khatun

Admin and Accounts Officer

Ms. Tinni is responsible for the financial management activities of CPRD. She joined at CPRD in April 2017 as an Accounts and. She supervise and manages the overall budgetary and financial issues of CPRD. She maintains liaison with donor organizations, NGOs, and other related stakeholders. She also maintains and controls the administrative issues, procurement and logistic supports for CPRD. Prior jointing at CPRD, Ms. Tinni used to work as a Junior Consultant (Accounts) at World Bank Dhaka office. She was responsible for managing the project accounts, budget revisions, financial operations and reporting, auditing, monitoring monthly report statement of labor, disbursement fund and developed policies and procedure for fiscal management, prepare monthly financial report, controlling the procurement and disbursement procedure, preparing budget variance report in quarterly basis and preparing annual Work Plan, ADP, RADP & Net Grant in line with project document.

Mir Mehoraf Sharif

ICT and communication officer

Mir Mehoraf Sharif, at present working as an ICT and communication officer at Center for Participatory Research & Development (CPRD). Before CPRD Mr. Sharif has served as an ICT trainer at Society for Bright Social Service under the learning and earning development project of the ministry of ICT Government of Bangladesh. He also has experience in working at Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. as customer service supervisor and distribution Manager from 2009 to 2014. During this time he along with his team wins the best Distributor award (DON#1 in the country) in 2013. Mr. Sharif earned his bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering from State University of Bangladesh. His field of interest includes ICT in climate change and Blue economy, technological use in climate change adaptation, Green Energy etc.